LayBy Terms & Conditions

Term Layby is available on term period as specified in payment plan and must be paid in full.

Delivery Date Layby orders will be dispatched after all scheduled payments have been fully paid.

Deposit A 15% deposit of the total of the layby is required on each layby.

Termination Fee 15% of total value of the layby in the event of default or cancellation.

Payments Regular payments as set in accordance to the payment plan must be made.

Advance Payments You can at anytime view and pay your scheduled payments via the Scheduled Orders section under My Account.

Changes Once a layby has started, no change is permitted.

Cancellation If the customer fails to maintain regular payments, Build & Play Australia reserves the right to cancel the agreement and place the item back on display. In these instances, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less a 15% termination fee.

Non Modification Individual items may not be added, removed or separated from a layby.

Identification Photo ID must be produced if you request a replacement layby document, cancel a layby, or when you finalise and collect a layby where no document can be produced.