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10 Creative Ideas for a LEGO-Themed Birthday Party

Here are ten ideas for LEGO-themed birthday parties:

  1. Build a Contest: Have guests build their own creations and vote on the best one.

  2. LEGO Scavenger Hunt: Hide LEGO pieces throughout the party space and have guests find as many as they can.

  3. LEGO Movie Screening: Play a LEGO movie, such as “The LEGO Movie” or “LEGO Ninjago,” and serve snacks inspired by the film.

  4. Mini-Builds: Provide guests with small sets or loose bricks and have them build mini creations to take home as party favors.

  5. LEGO Relay Race: Divide guests into teams and have them race to build a designated creation as quickly as possible.

  6. Create a LEGO City: Use large flat baseplates to create a cityscape and have guests build their own buildings and vehicles to add to it.

  7. LEGO Mosaic: Provide guests with a large number of bricks in a variety of colors and have them build a mosaic together.

  8. Build Your Own Minifigure: Provide guests with Minifigure parts and have them create their own unique characters.

  9. LEGO Games: Play games inspired by LEGO, such as LEGO Jenga, LEGO Chess, or LEGO-themed Bingo.

  10. LEGO Cake Decorating: Provide guests with LEGO-themed cake decorating supplies and have them create their own LEGO-themed birthday cakes.

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